How to Fill a Form Response on Collect

You can fill responses using the Collect app in a few quick steps. Here is how you can start collecting responses.

Step 1. Open the Collect app on your mobile and go to the form that you want to fill.

Click here for troubleshooting steps if you cannot see the form on your Collect app.

Step 2. In order to enter responses in this form, tap on each question and type in using your keypad. If you want to understand a question better, read the question description.

Step 3. Once you have finished filling in a response, click on "Submit".

If you have missed a mandatory question, Collect app will ask you to fill them in before you submit.

Note: If you try to exist the form without submitting, Collect will ask you whether you want to save the response in draft. Click on "Save" so that you can come back and finish it later.

Video Tutorial:

You can also watch the video below to learn how you can submit a response on the Collect app. Please use the full screen mode to view it clearly.

Submitting a Response

Help and Support:

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