I didn't Receive an OTP for Collect. What should I do?

This article takes you through the troubleshooting steps in case you didn't receive an OTP while creating your Collect account.

The OTP or One Time Password is a numeric code that gets delivered as an SMS to your mobile, which you can view in your Messages inbox

We use the OTP (one-time password) as part of the Collect sign-up process to ensure that only authenticated people collect data. 

Note : The delivery of this SMS can take time depending upon the quality of your mobile network.

If you don't receive an SMS with your OTP, or you can follow these steps:

  1. Check your network connectivity by referring to the network icon at the top right of your device. If your network is not available, move to a better location.
  2. Check your Messages app for the SMS with your 4-digit OTP.
  3. If you still have not received the OTP, go to the Collect app and request the OTP again by clicking on "Resend SMS" or "Verify Via Missed Call".
  4. The SMS may take a while to get delivered, so wait for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Follow the above-mentioned steps after requesting the OTP again.
  6. If you still have not received the OTP, restart your phone (Turn the power off, then turn it back on). This updates the network connection and often resolves problems.
  7. Verify that your phone can receive an SMS. Try sending a message to yourself from another phone (or from your own phone). If you don't receive this message, then there is an issue with your telecom provider. Please contact them.
  8. If your phone can receive an SMS but you still have not received an OTP, please contact the survey admin or contact our Support Team at support@socialcops.com.