Understanding Location Accuracy: What Low, Medium, and High Accuracy Mean

If you are collecting location in your survey, you can choose how accurate you want the location to be. There are three levels — low, medium, or high.

While creating a location on Collect, you can choose the location accuracy you want. When a data collector will fill a “Location" or “Image Geo-Tag" question, the Collect app record and save the location of the device accordingly.

You can choose the accuracy level — low, medium, or high — based on your data collection needs and specification of the devices your data collectors will be using. In this article, we will discuss what these accuracy levels mean and what difference they make.

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Target Accuracy and Fetching Time Details

Low Accuracy:

      1. Target accuracy: 500 meters
      2. Location fetching time: 15 sec.

Medium Accuracy:

      1. Target accuracy: 100 meters
      2. Location fetching time: 20 sec.

High Accuracy:

      1. Target accuracy: 20 meters
      2. Location fetching time: 30 sec.

Help and Support:

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