What is A Keyword

A question keyword is an alias or second name for your questions. It makes your data reports simpler to understand and more analysis-friendly.

A keyword is essentially an alias that you can assign to the question titles. It is generally a shorter and simpler version of the question titles in your survey.

When you view or download data, you can choose between question titles and keywords. Whatever you choose then appears as the column headers for your data.

Screenly Question-Level KEyword

When to use Question keywords:

  1. Lengthy questions: If your question titles are very long and detailed, you should add short keywords. Ex: For a question "What is the name of the respondent?", you can add "name" as the keyword.
  2. Multiple languages: If you are running a survey in multiple languages, keeping keywords in one common language throughout helps in conducting data analysis without facing language issues.

Screenly Keywords View

Help and Support:

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