How to Check the Status of a Form

Your forms on Collect can either be live or in draft mode. Here is what different status mean and how to check it.

What Status Mean

Live Status: A form that is live can be viewed and used by data collectors who have been added to it.

Draft Status: A draft form is not visible to — not even the data collectors who have been added to it. To start collecting data using a form, you need to make it live. You can make a form live by clicking on the "Publish form" button.

Checking Form Status

Step 1. Go to your Collect web dashboard

Step 2. Click on the “Forms” tab present in the top left corner of your dashboard.

Step 3. Now you can view all your forms with different tags. The live forms have a green “LIVE” tag whereas the draft forms have a grey “DRAFT” tag.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.05.04 PM

You can also check the status of your form by looking at the status tag present in the top right of your survey form.

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