What Are Child Questions

Child questions are the questions that get repeated as a part of a group question. Here is more about them.

There are two parts of a group question on Collect.

a. The parent question or the question that decides the number of times a group gets repeated

b. The child questions or the questions that get repeated as the part of a group

About Child Questions

Let's take an example where you want to ask the name and age for every member in a household. For this you create a group (choice) question.

In this group example, the parent question will be “How many people are in the household?” and the child questions will be “What is his/her name?”, “What is his/her age?”.


You can make child questions of any question type except another group question. Child questions have a separate option of “Manage Rules” right next to the group. You can use it to add conditions within the group. Click here to learn more about Group questions.

Help and Support:

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