Guide: File Upload Question on Collect

In addition to getting live responses from your respondents, you can also allow them to add files like ID proofs, bill copies, etc.

If you are running a data collection where you want to accept pre-filled data files from your survey respondents, you can use the file upload question on Collect. It allows them to upload a data file already present on their mobile device. This can be useful when you want to collect resumes, bills, ID proofs, etc.

In this article, we will discuss what file upload question does and how you can create one.

About File Upload Question:

Supported formats: PDF, TXT, DOC, XLS, PPT, JPEG, PNG

Max size: 10 MB

Creating a File Upload Question:

Step 1. Go to your form on the Collect dashboard.

Step 2. Click on "Add New Question" and then select "File Upload".

Step 3. Add the title, keyword, and help content of the question.

Step 4. Hit "Publish" to publish the latest version of the form.

File Upload Question

Answering a File Upload Question:

Step 1. Go to the form on your Collect app

Step 2. Click on the "Select File" icon. Then, select the file that you want to upload.

It should be of supported format and less than 10 MB in size.

Step 3. Hit "Submit".


In addition to file upload question, Collect supports 27 other question types like image, location, signature, etc. You can read more about them in this detailed guide.

Help and Support:

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