What is a Phone Number Question and how can I use it?

Need to add a phone number to your questionnaire? Here's how you can do that.

A phone number question lets you record a phone number in your form. You can pre-set the country code for a phone number question to save the time spent in manually entering or selecting the country code.

You can create a phone number question on Collect by following some simple steps. Watch this short video or read the steps below to learn how to add a phone number question.


1. Go to your form from the "Forms" tab on your Collect dashboard and click on "Add New Question".
2. Select the "Phone" question type. (It has a phone next to it.)
3. Enter its details and settings:
   a. Enter the question title, keyword, and help content.
   b. Select the country code that you want.

This question will get saved and will be visible to your users once you publish your form.