FAQ: I Didn't Receive My Account Verification Code

Before getting started with Collect, you need to verify your Collect account. If you haven't received the verification code, here is what you can do.

To verify your email address, Collect sends you an email with a verification code to your registered email address. In some cases, this email might not reach you or you mind not be able to locate this email in your email inbox. In this article, we will discuss what to do in that case.

Locating Your Account Verification Email:

Case 1. The email went to promotions or spam folder of your email account

The verification email can sometimes land up in other folders of your account. Please check Promotions, Updates and the Spam folder for this email.

Case 2. The email delivery ran into some issue

If you still can not find this verification email, you can resend it by clicking on "Resend Verification Code". You will be sent a new verification email, please use this code to verify your account.

Help and Support:

If you have already tried the above two steps, and are still unable to receive your verification code, please contact us at support@socialcops.com. We will help you in getting your account activated at the earliest.