Guide: Multiple Choice Questions on Collect

Creating a multiple choice question on Collect? Here is everything you should know about it — how to create it, adding limits and settings, etc.

Using a multiple choice question on Collect, you can ask respondents to choose multiple options from a list of options that you have provided. In addition to the basic elements like question title, Collect allows you to add limits and validations to ensure quality data collection. In this article, we will discuss:

  • How to create a multiple choice question on Collect web
  • How to answer a multiple choice question on Collect app

A. Creating a Multiple Choice Question

A choice question has multiple elements like question title, question keyword, help content, choice options, option codes, and some validations and settings. To understand them better, we will take a sample choice question and create it on Collect.

Example: We want to create a choice question asking people about which vehicles they own. It will look like the image below.


To create this question on the Collect web dashboard, we will add the following details:

  • Question Title: "Which vehicles do you own?"
  • Mandatory Question: Yes (Check-marked)
  • Question Keyword: "vehicles"
  • Question Help Content: "Add as many vehicles that you own."
  • Choice Options: [Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Cycle]
  • Choice Option Codes: [1,2,3,4]
  • Special Options (All of the above and None of the above): Yes (Check-marked)

Video Tutorial:

You can watch the video below to learn how to create a multiple choice question on Collect. Please use the full screen mode to view it clearly.

B. Answering a Multiple Choice Question

When you open this question on the Collect app, it will look like the image below. To answer the question:

Step 1. Go to the choice question and click on it to answer. You will be able to see a screen will all options.

Step 2. Select the options that you want.

Step 3. If you have answered all other questions, click on "Submit" to submit the complete response.

Multi Choice App


In addition to multiple choice question, Collect supports 27 other question types like image, location, signature, etc. You can read more about them in this detailed guide.

Help and Support:

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