How to Copy an Existing Question Within a Form

If you have multiple similar questions in your survey form, you can simply copy a question instead of creating it again from scratch. Here's how.

Some survey forms or questionnaires have multiple similar questions. For instance, you may have many choice questions with the same set of options. In such a case, instead of creating a similar question from scratch multiple times, you can just copy a question and then edit it as you want.

Copying a Question Within a Form

Step 1. Go to your Collect account and then go to the "Forms" tab.

Step 2. Click on the form you want to edit. You can also search for it using the search bar on the top.

Step 3. Click on the question that you want to copy to open it. You will be able to see three options at the bottom of the question (like in the image below).

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 3.58.28 PM

Step 4. Click on "Copy".

Step 5. You will be able to see a screen asking you to choose where you would like to place the copied question. Select the position you want.

This question will be copied and added at the position you selected. You can publish the form to make the latest changes live.

Note: The title of the copied question will be "copy of...". You can edit its title and make other changes as well.

Video Tutorial:

You can also watch the video below to learn how you can copy a question. Please use the full screen mode to view it clearly.

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