Collect: Help and Support

How to Download or Export Data?

To analyse your data in depth, Collect allows you to export the data as an excel or csv file. Here's how.

In addition to viewing and tracking your responses, you can also download or export data from Collect by following these steps:

  1. In the Collect web dashboard, open the “Data” tab and click on the “Click to view Responses” column for the desired form.
  2. You will be led to a screen with the details of each auditor, their unique ID, date of submission, time taken and all the responses to the form.
  3. Click on “Download Data” tab in the top right corner of the dashboard. You will be able to view a screen with multiple options.
  4. Check that you are downloading data for the required time duration and audience.
  5. Under “Request New Report”, you can view two fields: “Choice Options” and “Report Headers”.
  6. From “Report Headers”, select “Question Keyword (Column name)” or “Question Title” — whatever you want to appear as the column names in the downloaded data.
  7. From “Choice Options”, select “Option Codes' or “Option Text” — whatever you want to appear as the option names in the downloaded data.
  8. You can also select the format for this downloaded data — 'Format 1' or 'Format 2'.
  9. Next, click on “Request Download” tab. This will prepare your data from the server and the download will begin. 
  10. You can click on “Check Status” tab to see the status of your download on the panel on the left.