What is the Difference Between Managers and Members on Collect

On Collect, you can add your data collectors as either members or managers. This article tells you the difference between the roles.

The Collect app allows your data collectors to collect data, manage other data collectors, and do more. The difference between a member and manager differentiates between what a data collector can do using their Collect app.

About a Member:

Someone who is added as a member of a team can only collect data using their Collect app. They can not view details of other data collectors or add/remove them.

About a Manager:

Someone who is added as a manager of a team can collect data. But they can also manage other data — they can add or remove other members from a team.

It is advised to only add those data collectors as managers who need to have this authority. Each team should ideally only have one manager.

Help and Support:

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