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How can I Share a Form with my Team Members/Data Collectors?

This article tells you how you can provide access to your forms/surveys to your team members or data collectors.

Before your team can collect data, it is important that they can view and access your form(s). To make the form accessible on their Collect app, you will need to add them to the relevant form(s). You can do it using the following steps:

  1. Go to your form, then go to “Audience” tab present in the top left of the dashboard.
  2. In the screen, click on “Teams”. Now, you can see all the teams added to your organization. Click here to know more about adding teams.
  3. Out of these teams, select the team that you want to add to your form. You can do this in two ways:
    1. Access to Individual teams - You can click on the “Give Access” button present right next to the team name.
    2. Access to Multiple teams - You can check-mark the box in front of the team names and then click on the yellow “Give access” button present below “Teams”.