Complete Product Tour of Collect

Get set up on Collect and get started with your data collection in minutes. Join our product education experts for a detailed tour of Collect.

Introduction to Collect

Collect is a mobile data collection and analysis platform that lets you create amazing forms and collect high-quality data from anywhere in the world — even without internet.

It constitutes of a web platform that lets you create forms and view your collected data, and a mobile app that lets you collect responses. In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Create your account on Collect web
  • Create powerful forms with rules and a variety of questions types
  • Share your forms with your data collection team
  • Collect responses using the Collect mobile app
  • View and download your data
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Video Tour of Collect

Most Loved Features of Collect

  • Capture Images, Videos, and Audios
  • Create Multilingual Forms
  • Capture GPS Location of Data Collection
  • Collect Data Without Internet
  • Manage Access of Team Members
  • Add Data Validations and Checks
  • Add Skip-Logic and Conditions
  • Choose from 27+ Question Types


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