How to Unpublish a Live Form

If you have a live form and you don't want your team members to view or use it, you can un-publish it. It will then be moved to draft mode.

Your survey forms or questionnaires can exist in two modes on Collect: live and draft.

A live form is one that can be seen by your team members on their Collect app. They can use it to submit responses by filling it in.

A draft form, however, is one that can't be seen by any team members on their Collect app. They can not access it or use it to submit a response.

If you have published a bad version of your form, or otherwise if you wish to convert a live form to draft, you can unpublish it. In this article, we will discuss how to unpublish a form.

Unpublishing a Form on Collect

Step 1. Go to your Collect account and then move to the "Forms" tab.

Step 2. Select the form you want to unpublish. You can also search it using the search bar on the top.

Click on the form to access it.

Step 3. Now, click on the form "Settings" tab present next to "Audience".

You will be able to view all the form settings here. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

Step 4. Click on "Unpublish form" present under "Critical Actions".

Your form will be unpublished and will move from LIVE to DRAFT stage.

Unpublish Form

Video Tutorial:

You can also watch the video below to learn how you can unpublish a form. Please use the full screen mode to view it clearly.

Unpublish a Form

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